SpaceX Power Generation System

Power Generation System Design for Proposed SpaceX Launch Site

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Elon Muskrat, CEO
Space Exploration Technologies Corporation (SpaceX)
1 Rocket Road
Hawthorne, California

King Estate Open Space,
37°45’51.51″N, 122° 9’21.34″W
Oakland, California

SpaceX ridge launch site

SpaceX ridge launch site

SpaceX Launchpad

SpaceX Launchpad

SpaceX has negotiated a 30-year lease with the City of Oakland for a new west coast launch site. CEO Elon Muskrat desires the design and construction of a green power generation system to support all activities on the site.

General Specifications:
The system will be capable of supplying 90 kW of power under all conditions regardless of weather or availability of electrical power from utility PG&E.

Proposed System Details:

Power will be harvested from two primary sources: wind and sun. The King Estate Open Space consists of 2100 acres of mostly open grasslands on a high ridge. Two Wind Turbine Industries Co. LTD wind turbine generators will capture the energy of the winds blowing over the ridge. Arrays of dual-axis photovoltaic solar panels will track the sun’s path through the sky to capture the maximum possible irradiance energy. Arrays will consist of 320 SunPower SPR-310E-WHT-D 310.0W STC, 285.3W PTC solar panels.

There will be two secondary sources of power.  The site will be connected to the PG&E grid as a backup in the event that wind, solar, and battery banks are not able to supply sufficient power for operations. Finally, an emergency backup Generac Protector Series 20kW Automatic Standby Diesel Generator will provide needed power in case of an extended PG&E outage.

There will be four electrical panels: the main AC service panel, a critical AC loads panel, a diversionary critical DC loads sub-panel, and a diversionary non-critical DC loads panel.

Xantrex XW MPPT 80A charge controller will manage the array’s DC output power, the wind turbine power output, the battery bank’s charging/discharging functions, the diversionary loads, the backup generator in an emergency, and the output to the inverter. The system is designed to operate all site power needs for up to seven days in the event of loss of power from all sources.

Eight FRONIUS IG PLUS ADVANCED 11.4-3 240 Delta inverters will convert incoming DC power to 3-phase AC power.

SpaceX Power Generation System Design

SpaceX Power Generation System Design

Site Layout:
[see site layout diagram below.]

The battery bank, charge controller, inverter, backup generator, disconnects, critical AC loads panel and main service panel will be housed in the Battery Bank & Electronics Facility (BBEF) at the southeast corner of the facility.

The SpaceX Command Center (SCC) will located at the far north corner. The parking lot will have 27 vehicle charging stations (not included in the Pricing Sheet).

The photovoltaic arrays and wind turbines will be mounted along the main ridgeline of the property. The dual-axis panel mounting systems will be positioned such that no panels will be in shade as they track the path of the sun. The wind turbines will be positioned slightly north of each bank of arrays so as not to shade the panels.

SpaceX Launch Site Power Generation Layout

SpaceX Launch Site Power Generation Layout

Calculations using the Go Solar California Incentive Calculator:



System Materials and Installation Costs:

Total installation cost for this proposal is $764,721.

Please download the SpaceX Pricing Sheet for access to further details about materials and installation labor costs (cells with a red triangle in the corner have further information). For convenience, the following snapshots of the spreadsheet are depicted below…

SpaceX Pricing page 1

SpaceX Pricing page 2

SpaceX Pricing page 3