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Acronyms, Abbreviations, and Terms
Who can remember what all the industry acronyms stand for? Even Sparky’s electronic brain tends to short-circuit trying to remember them all, so he has created a spreadsheet listing their meanings that you can download here. It is constantly being updated so you may have to come back here and grab the latest version from time-to-time. Free free to email Sparky if you find one not on the list (but please provide the source where you found it used):
Electrical Acronyms, Abbreviations, and Terms

NFPA’s NEC 2011
2011 National Electric Code [view in another tab]
2011 National Electric Code [download as a zip file]
***Sparky says: “Please allow up to 10 minutes to retrieve this large document!”

Cal-OSHA publications:
Instead of downloading California OSHA publications one-at-a-time (there are quite few), Sparky has gone to the trouble of packaging them all up in a ZIP (compressed) file, organized in folders by publication category. You can get them all here in just one downloads. Thanks, Sparky, watt a guy!  Cal-OSHA publications [zip file]
***Sparky says: “Please allow up to 5 minutes to down this large document! It download to your default download folder on your computer”