Learning Aids and Other Products

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Texas Instruments TI-30XA Scientific Calculator
Perfect for electricity students. For such an inexpensive device there are many features that make this a supreme value. One feature that I like is the ability to work in fraction mode. You enter compound fractions like 3 and 7/8 and add it to 15 and 19/32 very, very simply! Subtract, multiply and divide all within fractional mode. It has many other capabilities including other base number system operations. The only complaint would be that is is hard to see the teeny decimal point in the display.

Texas Instruments TI-36X Scientific Calculator
Similar to the TI-30X except that this has a 3rd function as well as the 2nd function key of the TI-30X. The 3rd function allows you to convert from fractional mode to decimal mode without having to jump through hoops. For example if in fractional mode the display yields 8 and 3/32 as the answer, you can instantly convert that to a decimal value. Can’t do that on the TI-30X.